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Working with Difficult Clients
Strategies to deal with the most difficult clients so that they support what you do instead of slowing you down! Managing Teachers to Make the Right Decisions Independently and Consistently
a) Framing conversations with teachers
b) Setting up systems that encourage correct decision-making
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Part I: Managing Conflict

How can we train staff to deal with conflict in a way that leads to a helpful resolution? In this session, we will cover a comprehensive, proven strategy that works consistently when staff, teachers or managers are faced with difficult students or parents.

Part II: Managing Teachers to

Teaching requires independence. Each teacher on the team is a leader in his or her classroom. Is there a way to manage teachers so that they make the right decisions consistently? In this training, we will discuss strategies that help the teachers work with students and react to difficulties in a way that will bring more success to both the learners and the school.

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Организатор курса: Brain Storm English School
Дата: 8 июня 2019
Телефон: +7 (958) 498 33 41 (WhatsApp)